Raphael Topas.

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Raphael Topas debut release "Freedom" on Karmaloft Music turns out to become a summer anthem. Freedom is a delightful, uplifting, straight to radio dance song with progressive house beats mixed with a catchy sax tune. This track will totally mesmerize any crowd out there! Remixes by Matthias Freudmann and Tom Appl.

Raphael Topas, born 1995, grew up in a family in whose life music and dance always played a great role. Certainly inspired by classical music as well as by Soul, House or Dance music in his environment, Raphael started as a young child playing keyboards and drums. Melodies and songs just flowed out of him.

During his studies as a sound engineer Raphael Topas discovered his love for electronic music, such as House/Electro. 2008 he started with passion to teach himself composing and producing at his home studio. In 2012 he started remixing for different projects.

Whether drifty rhythms or chilled house beats. Raphaels songs are always accompanied by a catchy melody that keeps you wanting more!

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