Rise & Shine
Miss Luna.

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Rise & Shine is not only the eponymous song of the first album of Miss Luna, the DJane who has been living on Ibiza for the past 8 years. It is also the start of a musical journey that tells of love, dreams and the lust for life – all wrapped in grooving house beats in an one hour DJ mix + bonus track. The result of the long term collaboration between Miss Luna and the producers Chris Le Blanc, Florito and Roberto Sol of Karmaloft, on whose label, Karmaloft music, the album will be officially released in August of 2010. What you can hear is typical Ibiza sound, in the best sense of the word, very musical, absolutely danceable and with plenty of soul.

In time for the album release, track no. 11, “Daytona Race”, will be released as an EP- Single with several remixes, among others by Paul Lomax (Austria), Natalino Nunes (Paris), Adrian Bahil (Germany). Miss Luna loves appearances with live musicians and other DJs from all over the world, which can be heard on the CD as well. Vocal House with singers like the New Yorker Q DeRHINO and the Caribbean born Allan B. can be found on the album, just as well as the almost-rock anthem for Ibiza, “Daytona Race” with guitarist Eugenio Cañavate. International remixers like Paul Lomax, Terry Williams from Lyon and Stereo Sushi from Austria worked their magic on it.

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