Tom Appl.

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The latest single from Karmaloft Music sees the return of Munich-based sound engineer Tom Appl with his delightful multi-part tune “Badibidab”. Pinpointing Tom’s genre of choice has been difficult since his first DJ dates in the early ’90s, as he easily glides between tech, deep, and melody-infused house music, as well as work behind-the-scenes for famous ‘pop’ artists. His pseudonym Fruitroom is responsible for many productions and remixes, and he jumped onto the scene under his own name last summer for the well-received Karmaloft single “Downtown”. 

“Badibidab” again shows Tom Appl bouncing around to different styles, sometimes within the same track. His sonic restlessness is evidenced by no less than five versions of “Badibidab”, each showcasing a different context and mood for the song. The In The Radio version gets to the heart of the matter, beginning straight away with a pleasant, modulated guitar and a singsongy whistled melody that immediately brings a smile to the face. The beats and pulsing bass drive the joyful vibe … the vocal that playfully recites the tune’s title is the icing on the cake. Among the other versions, there’s a tougher one that’s for In The Club, a balearic-inclined In The Fields, an In The City version perfect for automobile speakers, and, for darker, late night excursions, the bass-enhanced In The Woods mix. At the root of all the versions is the uplifting vocal and whimsical, whistled hook … “Badibidab” is sure to stick in the head in the most appealing way, bringing much needed melody and positivity to the dance floor.

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