Break Heaven
Jaques Le Noir.

Release cover


Jaques Le Noir debuts at Karmaloft Music with a bang. Although he only started his musical venture in 2014 he’s already been featured by artists like Axwell, Jamie Jones and Mark Knight. He definitely is one of the promising newcomers this year.  That’s why you must not miss this three song EP “Break Haven filled with concentrated, uniquely beautiful electro- and finely crafted deep house music. With the first and equally named song Break Haven the Italian DJ impresses the listener from the very first second, drawing him in gently with a misty, filtered vocal sample. As the tune unfolds beat by beat the artist presents the listener with a stunningly energetic and immediately captivating hook supported by the ever circulating metallic bass lead. You cannot, but start moving. Break Haven has you ryhtmisized and leaves you craving more just like a good song should. Number two, Hero, follows suit instantly with that same immersing energy. Shaker, pad and tenderly pitched vocal snippets introduce you to the sea that is yours to plunge into for the next four minutes. The ambient female vox sings its “You are my hero tonight” together with a bell-like synth that leads you and the 80s bass underneath deeper and deeper into the groovy and comprising atmosphere. When it’s over it feels like you’ve just inhaled so deeply you absolutely want to hear it again. Or… you move on to the third tune that Poggibonsi- based Giacomo Bisciarri has in store for you: With its stadium-like phrases Someone to love is point blank contagious. Promptly you wish to be part of the huge crowd chanting along with the attack-less piano, the percussive and driving drums, the many layers of ducked synth pads as well as the finely crafted hook synth. On top of it all the epic vocal prevails and leaves you wanting to be part of the whole. 

A truly complementary package of extraordinary deep house music that will take your club, your living room, or your headphone experience definitely up a notch. Brace yourself for an incredibly talented newcomer!