Ca Fait Mal
Afrotronix & Teknobrat.

Release cover


Karmaloft proudly presents an undoubtedly successful team work! Afrotonix & Teknobrat. Wow. What a blast. “Ca fait mal” is a hot and energetic EP brimming over with tons of “ear candy”. The driving force of the tune is a dry and powerful beat with a rhythmic and at times warped synth base. The highlight, however, are those different vocal elements the duo presents so boldly: Firstly, we get to hear an angel-like hook lightly and unburdened when after a couple of minutes a dark, maybe even hurt male voice takes over proclaiming the message. Cool! The Mikael Klasson Remix rounds off the oeuvre truly elegant and skillful. In the end one thing is certain: Listening to this track surely does not hurt! Ca fait du bien!