Come in my Life
Christos Fourkis.

Release cover


Karmaloft is truly honored to introduce to you, the all new EP by Christos Fourkis (feat. Joahn Dashi). “Come in my life” comes in four beautiful colours: the original mix with its striking and descending synth line and the pearly guitar picking accompanied by the ever driving force of the beat. Bes & Meret contribute with a well balanced deep house remix with tropical influences to Christos EP. The Matthias Freudmann Remix where you’ll find everything centered around that dark, atmospheric, slowly evolving pad. And last but not least there is a Florito remix with a fresh chillhouse flavor. What all mixes have in common is Joahn Dashi’s unique voice that goes from a whisper to an almost forceful demand. “Come in my life” is an invitation to a brillant piece of music you must get your hands on!