EDM - Electronic Dance Music, Vol. 2
Various Artists.

Release cover


This compilation is a joyride thru different styles of dancemusic with a deep, technoid and melodic character. Pearls of current clubtracks, selected with love from all over the world. Once again the DJ and Producer team Bes and Meret show impressively, how elegant dance culture on a high level can be. Every track wants you to move your body, the mix is a flow like riding on a wave. But for more than 90 minutes. Artists like Rana with Sonenette (Alex Q & Jule Re-Edit) from Budenzauber and Atlantik with Golgiapparat (Mollono.Bass Remix) from Acker Records contribute fantastic deep house music. With Ghebro we find a very talented italian DJ. Matthias Freudmann made a great job with his City Life and the remix Take Me Away for greek top DJ Christos Fourkis. Another very nice Remix on this Compilation is the Dubnova Remix from the Marga Sol track Dali Sonuvam. This mix of electronic dance music is a really impressive selection of cool and timless sounds, elegantly mixed - 100% worth listening to!