Ibiza Seasons - Winter Edition, Vol. 1
Various Artists.

Release cover


The winter just arrived...

Frosty temperatures and snow are passing by. The best moment to stay at home, having a cup of tea and....

 make your own party! With the new Ibiza Seasons Compilation mixed by Bes and Meret: Ibiza Seasons (Winter Edition).

Beautiful, melodic and melancholic deep house tracks in an awesome mix. The smooth rolling grooves bring you in a perfect mood through the cold days of the winter. Once again we find a lot of great artists on that release. Rust Blossom is the brainchild of Itai Freed who is one of the most versatile and accomplished Israeli singer songwriter, producers based in Tel Aviv. His unique approach to music creates an electro funk vibe on his projects.

Rust Blossom's track „Summer is gone“ is probably the best tune to  finish such a great music mix. Max Weis’ „Forever Walking“ and Roberto Sols „My Desicion“ are previously unreleased, but they found their way exclusively on this compilation.

Chris Le Blanc just released his new album and with the magical track „The Eyes of Revelation“ he shows impressively his ability of blending electronic music and acoustic instrumentation mixed with wonderfully evocative vocals with some essential Buddhist philosophy.

Carlos Mendes from Barcelona is featured with with two tracks and from Ibiza Miss Luna. Her song is called „The One“ in gorgeous remix version from Bes and Meret.

So, have fun and enjoy!

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