Meditations (Basics)
Jo Kern.

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This instruction is an invitation to give yourself a moment of peace and quiet, restoration and health. To take care for your body, your soul and spirit. You are the only one who ultimately can truly take care of you. Each of the three meditations is designed to bring you into the present moment, so you can connect with yourself and your body and everything that is going on in that moment. This process is healing on all levels, even for the cells. It is effective, relaxing and healing. I. Relaxation & body Allow yourself to relax deeply for one moment, become quiet and not do anything. II. Relaxation & healing A deeper state of relaxation allows us to release negativity and activate our self-healing capacities. III. Relaxation & solutions Are you feeling stuck with an issue in your life? This meditation can be most healing and effective. Repeat this meditation several times. The results might be surprising. Enjoy yourself.

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