Midnight In A Perfect World
Christos Fourkis.

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Christos Fourkis is one of the few (really few) Greek producers who are sharing together the same shadow under the same Mediterranean sun and the same philosophy about music. In these hard times beautiful music like his album Midnight In A Perfect World already marked as one of my summer soundtracks 2013. Midnight In A Perfect World will not be a milestone on the scene but will be one of the releases that you have to have, play and listen because is strictly made to be loved by you. A mixture of jazz, soul and funk elements which followed by chilled grooves and beats. Dreams Of You an uptempo track is my fave one but the value here is the magic of the whole release. On Houze You we meet an old school deep mood, on Butterflies Everywhere the older ones, will feel a reminiscence of summer 1993 and Sven Väth's L'esperanza. Finally his already hit Set Free exists here in a free folk jazz acoustic version. (DJ Nova - Nova Planet Radio Show)

The muchly anticipated release of the album Midnight In A Perfect World by Greece top DJ Christos Fourkis has arrived. Christos Fourkis releases his 3rd album at Karmaloft Music. The musical concept of the album is a combination of great chill lounge and chill house tracks. With these songs Christos wants to take away all of your problems , stress and stop your head at midnight with great company    relaxing, love    and happiness.

For Christos it is a different thing to play music in the clubs , or to produce music, because for him the studio time is more relaxing. Christos says: “So I have two sides in my job , one in the clubs that I’m trying to get people to dance and to move into the rhythm , and the other that I’d like to chill in the people with my music , think , travel and love. So the album is for loving, think positive and feel free not only midnight but always”. The songs on the album Midnight In A Perfect World fall in just as perfectly, as they are a natural choice for the kinds of cool bars that spoil the ears of their patrons with selected Chill Out sounds. Relaxed and, through smooth beats, still stimulating, the tracks are truly a massage for the soul.

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