Simon Handle.

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Karmaloft is thrilled to drop a brand new EP by the Austrian Multi-Instrumentalist Simon Handle. Nightwalk sets off with a pulsating, hypnotising synth. Surprising vocals, a straight forward beat and a brassy note make for a song that is truly worth listening to a couple of times! Tom Appl’s Remix is gonna be a treat for your ears. A slowly evolving drone is an appealing basis upon wich finely crafted clicks and flicks make for truly charming percussion. Also the vocals are perfectly wrapped in the warm bed that the kicks’ soft thuds provide. Cheeky and playful synth melodies round off a remarkable interpretation. DJ Enne’s production manages to be in no way inferior to Appl’s Remix. A rythmic bass line and the complementing beat pull you in instantly, compelling you to dance. In the first chorus by muting all drums he strips the track down to only synth and vocals thus giving the listener time to breath and brace for the hook line Enne plays with a charming Rhodes. Nightwalk is an adventure that invites to join in and hop along. Enjoy!

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