On My Own

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With his new release On My Own, Castlebed crafts 6 amazing down-tempo gems. Creating lush landscapes and big beats, Castlebed uncovers rich melodic trip-hop and down-tempo soundscapes. On My Own combines funky and jazzy beats, live guitar and vocal elements, lush strings and synth and ambient landscapes into a unique chill-out experience. Castlebed is producer Rustin Davis from Orlando, Florida. He has been producing chill-out music for over 10 years and has worked with many different labels from all over the world. Castlebed creates a unique, organic blend of chill-out music combining live instrumentation and sampled beats. He draws his influences from many genres of music, especially hip-hop, jazz and blues. Castlebed approaches each song with an open mind and lets the music convey its words to the listener. Music is the soundtrack to our lives. Listen closely!

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