Path Into Duat
UCP Berlin.

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Karmaloft is excited to announce a very special project and a journey presented by UCP Berlin in 10 tracks. "Path into Duat" is a figurative journey to ancient Egyptian Duat. It represents the afterlife or the "land of light" in the old Egyptian's faith, where the soul is immortal, eventually becoming a God who watches out over the heavens in communion with Osiris. At the very outset, there is death and the search for eternity, which finally leads to Inpu (old Egyptian name for Anubis). He is the usher of ways, leading and escorting the deceased. The soul must perambulate sundry worlds and states; it must resist temptations and affront dangers to - in the end - reach hallowed Duat. Every song symbolises an episode in this transmigration. You're welcome to join the adventure.

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