Playback Rewind
Roberto Sol.

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Playback Rewind is a pre-release from Roberto Sol’s upcoming album (October 2013).

This song embodies the soul of Ibiza, born of the hippie spirit of the 70s. Many of Roberto Sol’s songs were composed on the island of music.

Playback Rewind has a strong message: We all have a cross to bear we all have a love to share. Sung by Rana.

As a downtempo version this song creates a warm and atmospheric mood for a relaxing time with melodic vocals.

The music of Roberto Sol invites the listener on a journey: watch your inner movie, relax, listen to the here and now. Tracks like short stories tell the moments of life, moments illuminate the soul.

Roberto has music releases on over 7 Lounge- and Chillout editions worldwide. From Cafe del Mar, Buddha Bar, Ministry of Sound, Bambuddha Grove, Atzaro Ibiza, Claude Challe, Namaste, Klassik Lounge, Erotic Lounge, Bar Lounge Classics, Big City Beats and Macao Cafe to projects for Sony, Mercedes, Porsche-Design, Mc Kinsey, TUI and Dallmayr.

Uptempo house remixes are delivered by several great DJs and producers.

Greece top DJ Christos Fourkis comes up with a remix which transports positive deep vibes and is perfect for every beach house set.

Tom Appl has long stopped being an unknown element in the house music scene. Tom has already produced popular remixes, e.g. for the Ibiza DJ legend Miss Luna alias Fruitroom. With his remix it is impossible to keep your legs still, just as it is impossible to suppress the smile the catchy melody creates on your face. The pleasantly deep voice of Rana is in perfect harmony with the chilled, yet danceable Tom Appl sound concept. There is definite potential for a true hit in this one.

Another great remix comes from Dresden based Matthias Freudmann from the label Affect- Recordings. It is Matthias first featuring as a remixer on Karmaloft.

Matthias started already as a young men to discover his love for music. He grew up in northern Germany and therefore learned all the sounds of the 90

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