Prophets Of The Dawn
L'Art Mystique.

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Karmaloft Music is excited to present the long awaited debut EP by L'Art Mystique. This release is an extraordinary mix of ambient and classic music with ethno elements in the tradition of Buddha Bar. An unique musical adventure what you get rarely heard these days. Enjoy! 

Buon compleanno al Sommo Poeta! In 2015 we celebrate the 750th anniversary of the birth of Dante Alighieri, the italian poet, famous for his „Comedy“. The epic poem narrates an imaginative trip in the afterlife, where the poet himself is the protagonist and has to cross „Inferno“(Hell), „Purgatorio“ (Purgatory) and „Paradiso“ (Paradise). Written in the early 14th century „La Divina Commedia“ was the first important work in italian language, but it maintains its universal values until our days. So Pope Francis described Dante as a „Prophet of hope“ and an „artist of the highest universal values who still has much to say and to give through his works, inviting us to find again the lost meaning of the human condition.“ Without knowing the words of the pope we named the track in honor of Dante Alighieri „Prophets of the Dawn“ and we invite you to follow us to the first chapter of an amazing adventure… Our narrator is Marco Vincenti and on vocals we are featuring Gaby Koss from „Cantus Lunaris“. „The Doors Of Perception“ is a powerful ethno track in the tradition of „Buddha Bar“ featuring Roman Bunka on Oud. „Venice Diaries Part V“ is an excerpt of Vivaldi’s „Four Seasons“ with a new classical approach and modern harmonies. „Priestess Of The Dawn“ features again the beautiful voice of Gaby Koss whispering magical words in a elvish fantasy language.

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