Return To You (The Remixes)
Poenitsch & Jakopic.

Release cover


Poenitsch & Jakopic present their new release Return To You (Remixes) on Karmaloft, featuring fantastic remixes of their previous single release by Tom Appl, DJ Enne, Dope & NOA and Boscida & Farcher. Poenitsch & Jakopic are looking forward to 2016. They have written a lot of new tracks and re-defined themselves as DJs and musicians. After going through a disco-, band- and acoustic phase during 2015 they are now returning back to their club roots, back to minimalism & vocal melodies, back to rave energy. Recently working with the promising label Karmaloft Music, besides regular deejaying they are now concentrating on producing strong and fresh tracks that are going to work live, on the radio and with the club versions, coming in bright or dark versions.

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