Sunder Uul
Bildertal & Dashtsermaa.

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Karmaloft presents Bildertal's new EP release "Sunder Uul" featuring mongolian singer Dashtsermaa. Bildertal met Dashtsermaa at a mongolian-german art exchange festival in Berlin. She was performing mongolian Long Songs, which are unique, like the mongolian culture is, but still very popular in their tradition. Fascinated by Dashtsermaas voice and singing skills, Bildertal asked her to do some spontaneous recordings. She agreed and so they recorded two long songs in a mongolian Ger (which means house) at the festival. The cover song "Sunder Uul" tells a story about a holy mountain. The mongolians even nowadays worship their holy mountains, that they defend them from the greed of international mining corporations, so it's a great theme for Bildertal as well. The second song "ekhiin atsch" is a hommage to family, which has a high meaning in their culture. Bildertal gathered three befriended producers to remix the songs. He is gracious to Stefan Reh, Djulien Ferrantes and Soundspretty for their artistic rework of the original tunes.

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