The Maturity
Marc Hernandez.

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The Karmaloft Music imprint so often hones in on blissful, melodic house productions made for island settings, specifically of the well-documented Balearic vibe. 

Young Barcelonian producer Marc Hernandez's new four track EP for the label is no exception. 

The Maturity sees no sense of immediacy as it unfolds beside energized percussion elements. 

The melodies clearly come from a place of calm, a well of deep emotions pumped up and served within danceable compositions by Hernandez. 

He's had previous releases on the likes of Ninerecords, Zion Recordings, and Freshportmusic, but if this is to be deemed his coming of age, then it's a bright one with lush strings and bell-like synth tones providing much of the instrumentation. 

It's 'all aboard' for this first class flight through the sonic airways of the melodious, deep house-dominated islands off the coast of Spain.


" I like the atmo of the EP in total, but "musical trip" is a sheer beauty!"

Name: DJ Nartak

Organisation: Nightflight & Klassik Lounge - radio show on Klassik Radio + Sceen.FM ("Schlaflos..." show)

"Superb Ep with 4 excellent tracks. Will play & FULL SUPPORT !"

Name: Laurent N.

Organisation: 12 Monthly Radio Shows: Nice 102.3 FM, House Nation Radio, Radio Sensation, NCRadio

"Great tracks, solid produced, quality and deep.... what else you can expect for this great label ! Full support !!"

Name: Lorenzo al Dino (7th District,

Organisation: Jockey Club / Lutz Club Vienna / Ibiza Global Radio


Marc Hernandez is a young DJ / Producer from Barcelona / Spain, born in 1991. He appeared in music when he was 15. During his life he never opted for a particular style, listening to all musical genres. Eventually after buying his first dj set and experiment with music, began to discover the style that was inside of him and began to feel real passion for electronic music. In 2012 starts to produce his own music, as also began his career mixing on raves, clubs and private parties. Currently continues to work hard in the studio, opting for a melodic techno, combining fresh melodies between low melodies.!


First EP “Techno, Chords and Love” released on Zion Records at 03-04-2014.! Second EP “Small to be Big” released on Zion records at 09-05-2014.! ! Some singles on Anthrax Records ( The Flute, Jungle, The Hell’s Poison)!

First EP “It’s Music Just Dance Or Just Relax” released on Freshport Music at 20-06-2014! Single “Unforgotten Night” released on Fresh Port Music at 21-06-2014, ! Last EP “Ethernal” (Including “Ethernal" and “Dancing With The Sun”) released on Fresh Port Music at 22-08-2014.!

First EP “The Beginning” (Including “Day By Day and “The Pain Of Silence 2”) released on Ninerecords at 10-10-2014.!

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