Until The Wind Comes Again
Emelie Christiansson.

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Karmaloft is delighted to present a treat of its fall lineup. Our latest family addition reels you in right from the very start: Emelie Christiansson. The swedish singer and songwriter charms you instantly with her playful and incredibly multi faceted voice, drawing you in ever so gently, never letting go. Until The Wind Comes Again will persuade the listener on many levels. Acoustic, jazzy guitars and pianos, accompanied by the soft thuds and rhythms of a smooth, vintage sounding drum set. And while the double bass provides the basis and sets a gallant tone, the trumpet tells the story and refines the frisky picture that Emilie’s voice paints in a unique way. “Until The Wind Comes Again” comprises five finely arranged tunes written by Emelie Christiansson and her producer Johannes De Waal. Five stories that pull you in gently. Five little adventures that won’t let you go. Brace yourself for the impact.

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