Very Different
Leach & Lezizmo.

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Leach & Lezizmo return to the nightclub with "Very Different", the uplifting new single for Karmaloft Music. The Belgian DJ and production duo have been making strides with top releases for the likes of Conya and Emerald & Doreen as well as their well-received previous effort for Karmaloft, the Neon Nights EP. Consisting of Pat Lezizmo and Steven Sterk (AKA Leach), the pair specialize in a melodic, cleanly produced deep house sound with touches of nu-disco and balearic vibes. This comes through to maximum effect on "Very Different", as the bell-like synths and memorable vocal in the song's intro lay down the blueprint for this catchy house music number. Warm, flowing pads are joined by tough, synthetic drum rhythms and hook-teasing saxophone riffs that lead the dance floor further into the spell cast by the repeated vocal phrase. Once the DJ drops this one, it will linger in the head for a while. The remix comes from TOYZ, a new signing to the Karmaloft Music family with future releases in store. TOYZ add a guitar-like tone to "Very Different", building over the vocal in a dream-like way that is actually reminsicent of Coldplay's more rhythmic moments. The almost muted drum track acts as this version's heartbeat, steadily guiding the listener along this aural adventure. Beautiful work from Leach & Lezizmo and TOYZ … "Very Different" is one to cherish.

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